Mentorship announcement – Eva Boštjančič

Meet our mentor

Mentor: Eva Boštjančič

Field of consultancy: Analytics

Eva Boštjančič is a full Professor at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, and head of the Department of Work and Organizational Psychology. She is engaged in research in the field of talents, intercultural intelligence, leadership, and returning to work after burnout or prolonged sick leave. She also advises, leads workshops, and edits the website

1. Why did you join as a mentor?

Psychologist Manca Jelenčič, my former student, invited me to participate. She introduced me to the company, its vision, and the tools they use. Since it is a coordinated group of young, up-and-coming, and driven individuals, with a clear idea and goal on the horizon, I was happy to offer them my maturity and experience.

2. Why do you think HR diagnostic is important?

Above all, we need HR diagnostics in situations where we lose our compass - we don't know where and how to proceed. In fact, we need it on at least a six-monthly basis - to look in the mirror and see where we still have opportunities to grow, and where there are gaps and areas for improvement.

3. What do you think is the main advantage of Quantifly?

I especially like the team that "bites". Not their customers, but this is a team that doesn't give up and knows what it wants. At the same time, it is made up of young professionals who know how to listen to their clients and choose, adapt and upgrade the tools accordingly.

4. In your opinion, in the next 18 months (i.e., in the 2nd half of 2022 and in 2023), what will be the main advantage of companies that will use HR diagnostics?

As always, the advantage is that you can predict HR activities (satisfaction, connectedness, values, commitment, motivation, turnover) several months in advance. After all, business is people. And if we have satisfied managers in the organization who lead engaged employees, then success is (almost) guaranteed.