Effective collaboration

Hybrid teams as connected as in-person teams

Analyze the network dynamics in your organization and make sure that even fast-growing hybrid teams stay effective.

Improve communication. Avoid confusion. Form efficient teams.

Discover the flow of communication
  • Who are the key communicators?
  • Where could information travel faster?
Most infulent individuals
Define the actual structures of teams
  • Who collaborates with whom?
  • Who isn’t as connected to their team as they should be?
Team structure
Make work enjoyable
  • Who might be overworked?
  • How committed do the employees feel?
Burnout cohesion
1. data collection
1 week

Holistic, yet simple

The interactive and easy-to-use questionnaire makes the data collection process experience.

Quantifly Insight

The most data in the shortest time

Most similar analyses focus either on the individuals or the company as a whole.This means that important information is getting lost.

Our method combines both of these approaches. Additionally, it measures the dynamics of the networks that connect individuals in an organization.

Complete the questionnaire on your mobile phone.

Share how things are done in the organisation and how you feel about it.


Share how you see your role in the team.

Co-worker Assessment

Share how you see the role of others in the team.


Share your views honestly without worrying about possible resentment from others.

Quick and easy-to-use

The interactive design makes answering quick and easy. You’ll be done before you know it.

Any time, anywhere

Use a computer, a tablet or a phone to answer the questionnaire from anywhere at any time.

2. data analysis
2 weeks

The information you need in the form you want

Brought to you by a combination of advanced computer algorithms and experienced HR professionals.

Network analysis shows how employees communicate and and form teams

Machines keep the analysis precise

Collected data is first processed with advanced computer algorithms. This ensures that even complex analyses are made without errors.

Person programming.

Humans keep the results valid

Our team of data scientists makes sure that the methodology is in line with scientific standards.

In-house organizational psychologists and HR professionals ensure that the models have sound theoretical ground.

Get an in-depth report with specific suggestions

We turn quantitative data into meaningful information, present the results visually and give you specific suggestions for improvement.

3. presentation of the report
2 hours + 1 hour

Understand the problems, co-design solutions

Understand the meaning of the results and start planning the necessary improvements.

Understand what, why and how you need to improve

Our analysts will present you and your co-workers with the key insights. See what needs to improve and start planning your next steps to progress.

Management report that shows company hierarchy.
Flow of communication

Discover how information travels between co-workers. See who isn't as connected as they should be.

Actual structures of teams

Figure out who collaborates with whom on daily basis. Identify people with leadership potential.

Level of morale

Find out if teammates feel connected, autonomous and psychologically safe. Get suggestions for more enjoyable collaboration.

4. implementing change

Transform information into action

Identifying what needs to be done is important. But it is useless without actually doing it.
Choose Quantifly Implement and make sure things improve.

Build a coalition for change

Include everyone in planning the improvements. Enable your co-workers to take ownership of the changes they want.

Get support from the best

We will connect you with trusted professionals in the field of team work and communication. They will help you go from having a plan to making a progress.

Find out if a lack of communication skills is holding you back

Sometimes the reason for ineffective collaboration is bad communication or team-work skills. Upgrade the service with Quantifly 360 and see if that’s the case in your team.

Quantifly 360

Get individual competency reports

Understand exactly what you need to improve individually to work better as a team.

Individual report.
Measure competencies

Compare how you see yourself with how others see you.

Quantifly Me
Set goals, make improvements

Get an individual explanation of the results from our experts. Set personalized goals and action plans to achieve them.


You are probably wondering ...

Here are the answers to the most common questions from our clients.

How do you ensure anonymity?
How do you handle data protection?
How often should the analysis be carried out?

I'm a true believer that this kind of analysis helps boost a company to the next level.

Roko Malkoč
Business Unit Director, Better Meds
Psychologist explaning individual report to employee.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Take the first step toward building a culture people will be proud of.

Based on the results, we have improved how we communicate, reorganized two job positions, and implemented a system for tracking employee satisfaction.

Jaka Plantan
Co-founder, Medicofit 

We have identified the need to make some changes to the team structure and to communicate the chain of responsibility more clearly.

Marin Vladović
CEO, Briefd

Understanding how the team works and how the network is built helps you get from a good to a great company.

Roko Malkoč
Businnes Unit Director, Better Meds