How Ceneje set a foundation for improved team efficiency and individual development

Meet our client

Client: Ceneje d.o.o. 

Industry: E-commerce and Business Consultancy

Size: 49 employees is a part of Heureka Group - the largest price comparison website and an online shopping advisor in Central and Eastern Europe. Its main purpose is to enable smart and borderless shopping to consumers. 

Main Challenges

In the past, have already tried different approaches to evaluating organizational health. Unfortunately, none of them made a real progress. They were attempting to increase team efficiency by promoting employee development and cooperation between the teams. 

“We thought that we could deliver more with the same amount of work and actually come home less stressed and in better physical and mental condition.”
David Čreslovnik, Managing Director,


  • Discovering possible communication barriers between the teams
  • Identification of employee’s development potential
  • Preparing individual action plans for the employees


1. Start but never finish the entire process 

They have tried to tackle this challenge by themselves. However, these attempts were never followed-through. They needed a structured process and guidance from the first step to the end result.


“It was like a recipe, you had to follow a few steps. From initiating all the interviews to making an action plan for everybody. But nobody was taking care that those steps were pursued.”
David Čreslovnik, Managing Director,

2. Lack of feedback and individual development plans

They encouraged employees to work on personal development. However, employees didn’t recognise the areas to focus on. They lacked feedback from others and didn’t have individual development plans. 

3. Complicated and time-consuming approaches

In the past, they carried out various 360 methods and individual interviews. These were time-consuming but did not bring applicable results. They were looking for an out-of-the-box solution that isn’t too time-consuming.


1. Presentation of the analysis and data collection

The first step was a presentation for all employees. The main purpose and process of the Quantifly analysis was introduced. We clarified the doubts about anonymity and gave detailed instructions about the questionnaire. The employees had five days to fulfill the questionnaires, which on average took them one hour to finish.

“I have to say that I was surprised by how thoughtful the questionnaire was. I really like the simple user interface. It enabled me to complete it a bit faster.”
David Čreslovnik, Managing Director,

2. Data analysis and report presentation for the management

Our data analysts processed the responses, interpreted the data and prepared recommendations for improvements. A comprehensive report was presented to the management.

“My favorite part and the biggest surprise was the in-depth analysis. Together we went into the depths to tackle some of our issues. They helped us understand why we had those issues and what we could do about them.”
David Čreslovnik, Managing Director,

3. Report presentation and a workshop for employees 

The results and key challenges were also presented to other employees. Through a workshop, employees were able to explain their views and suggest solutions for main areas of improvements.

4. Preparation of individual development plans

Employees attended one-on-one sessions with our internal counselors. They received interpretation of their individual results and prepared a personalized action plan for their professional development. 


With our support, Ceneje has successfully set the foundation for improved work efficiency. They received an in-depth analysis of their current state and prepared specific plans for improvement on organisational and individual level.


  • Social network analysis gave them a better understanding of how the cooperation between teams can be improved.
  • The management level received specific recommendations for improving team efficiency.
  • All employees had an opportunity to prepare individual plans for their professional development.


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