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Platform for organizational diagnostics

Build a culture people will be proud of

Get a holistic analysis of the current state. Determine the next step to progress.

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How does Quantifly work?

we solve problems. for you.

Avoid losing employees you can’t afford to lose

Stop worrying that your key employees might leave.


Understand what matters to them, enable the changes they want

Feelings of being overworked, unappreciated and disconnected often stay hidden or unaddressed. Until it’s too late.

But even companies with a good culture are at risk of losing employees to those who can offer higher salaries.

Find small problems before they become big and build a culture that no money can replace.

Quantifly questionnaire where employees choose MVPs.
Identify key employees

Discover who your co-workers see as the most valuable employees, who is the center of communication, and who might be overworked.

Motivate better

See what motivates your co-workers even more than a pay raise and how satisfied are they with it.

Boost morale

Find out how committed, connected, and psychologically safe the employees feel.

effective collaboration

Make hybrid teams as connected as in-person teams

A hybrid (or fully remote) way of working has its perks. However, information gets lost more easily, collaboration can become confusing and people can drift apart. Especially if your team is growing rapidly.

Analyse the network dynamics in your organisation and make sure these things don’t happen to you.

Explains how employees communicate with each other and how the teams are formed.
Discover the flow of communication

Discover how information travels between co-workers. See who isn't as connected as they should be.

Define the actual structures of teams

Figure out who collaborates with whom on a daily basis. Identify people with leadership potential. Form the most effective teams possible.

Make work enjoyable

Find out if teammates feel connected, autonomous and psychologically safe. Get suggestions for more enjoyable collaboration.

professional growth

If everyone grows, the company grows

Making development plans and organising suitable training can take a lot of time. And money.

That is why employee development programs often focus only on a selected few.

With our help, you will be able to make everyone feel important and empowered in their professional growth.

Individualno poročilo
Get competency reports in 1 hour

Find out exactly what you and your co-workers need to improve. Compare how you see yourself and how others see you.

Set personalized goals and action plans

Have 1:1 conversations with our counsellors. Set individual goals and action plans to achieve them.

Get support from the best

We will connect you with trusted coaches and educators. They will help you go from having a plan to making  progress.

our approach

This is how we do things

Provide employees professional services by an experienced team of organisational psychologist.

Our services are designed and performed by an experienced team of organizational psychologists, businness consultants and data scientists.

Personalised report.

We listen to your needs and offer you what suits you best. Get our full support throughout the process.

Helping employees to achieve an actual improvment.

Everything we do is focused on helping you achieve actual improvement.


I'm a true believer that this kind of analysis helps boost a company to the next level.

Roko Malkoč
Business Unit Director, Better Meds

I'm a true believer that this kind of analysis helps boost a company to the next level.

Roko Malkoč
Business Unit Director, Better Meds

Quantifly gave us insight into the employees, their habits and areas that should be improved in order for us to be able to grow further.

Jan Peloza
Director, Impact Hub Ljubljana

Using Quantifly has shown us that we are on the right track in terms of employee development. It has also enabled us to address the shortcomings that we had not noticed before.

Jaka Plantan
Co-founder, Medicofit
Psychologist explaning individual report to employee.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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