Discover the causes of unwanted turnover, disengagement, and low performance

Quantifly helps managers and HR professionals not only measure satisfaction, engagement, and commitment but also understand:

  • How to retain and motivate employees?
  • Why some teams underperform?
  • Where and why there are gaps in communication?

For the first time, get insight into the organizational network, enhanced with culture indicators. Make strategic decisions confidently.

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Better Meds identified informal leaders and coworkers with leadership potential.
Deutz Engineering recognized who is overworked and who wants more responsibility.
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Parcom identified communication barriers between the sales team and the technical sector.

How does Quantifly work?

A modern approach to modern HR challenges


Don’t lose your best players when the game gets tough

Feelings of being overworked, unappreciated, and disconnected often stay hidden and unaddressed. Until it’s too late.

  • Who are the real key employees?
  • What motivates them and what frustrates them?
  • How many employees are planning to leave this year and why?

Communicate better, adapt faster

To adapt quickly, teams need to trust each other and communicate transparently and effectively.

  • Who are the most influential communicators (who will amplify or contradict your messages)?
  • Why do some coworkers not receive key information?
  • Where and why are there communication bottlenecks?

Have teams that turn uncertainties into strengths

Today, the winning teams are those in which the right experts in the right places work well together.

  • Why are some teams dysfunctional?
  • Who will do better in another role?
  • Who is overworked and who wants more responsibility?

Management uses Quantifly to make the right improvements in the right areas

Quantifly enables CEOs, HR professionals, and team leaders to identify, understand, and address the patterns that make teams work less efficiently

Andrea Pulević
HR Manager, Gamanza Services
Processes are changing, companies are changing. In this era of fast changes, Quantilfy is the tool you need.
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Janez Zadravec
CEO, Deutz Engineering
You can see who is very important in the company, who wants more, who we still need to encourage, who we need to educate, and who we need to help to integrate into our company.
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Rebeka Tramšek
Head of HR, Elpro Križnič
I really like the insight into the communication between individuals — who are the ones with the greatest social power, and who communicate with others the most. You don't get that with other tools.
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Lucija Cerar Godec
Head of HR. Ceneje
Quantifly helped us establish a firm base for future growth. I recommend Quantifly to all managers who value employee satisfaction and want their team to collaborate effectively.
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Jaka Plantan
Co-founder, Medicofit
Based on the results, we have improved how we communicate and reorganized two job positions.
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Roko Malkoč
Business Unit Director, Better Meds
Understanding how the team works and how the network is built helps you get from a good to a great company.
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Marin Vladović
CEO, Briefd
We have identified the need to make some changes to the team structure and to communicate the chain of responsibility more clearly.
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Peter Marc
CEO, Parcom
We will do a re-analysis in the short term to see whether we are performing better.
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O nas so povedali

Resnično verjamem, da takšna analiza pomaga dvigniti podjetje na naslednjo raven.

Roko Malkoč
direktor poslovne enote, Better Meds
O nas so povedali

Quantifly nam je omogočil vpogled v naše zaposlene, njihove navade in področja, ki jih moramo izboljšati, da bomo lahko rastli še naprej.

Jan Peloza
direktor, Impact Hub Ljubljana
O nas so povedali

Quantifly analiza nam je pokazala, da smo na pravi poti pri razvoju kadrov in podala navodila pri odpravi pomanjkljivosti, ki jih sami nismo opazili oz. jih nismo definirali kot pomanjkljivosti.

Jaka Plantan
soustanovitelj, Medicofit