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Shorten the discovery process. Measure your progress.

Quantifly helps HR consultants and coaches implement change in organizations.

  • Discover critical problems without doing surveys and focus groups on your own.
  • Identify the opinion leaders and avoid employee pushback.
  • Monitor progress and prove your impact with hard data.
Company report
Shorten discovery process

Get immediate insight into the organizational structure, culture, and dynamics.

Stop spending hours on Google Form surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews.

We'll take care of the analysis and provide you with a comprehensive report highlighting key improvement areas.

Identify opinion leaders
improve success rate

Build a change coalition destined to succeed.

70 % of organizational change fails due to employee pushback or lack of support from management.

Identify opinion leaders and get their buy-in to increase the success rate.

Coach is building a systemic approach to measure the success
monitor progress

Build a systemic approach to measure the success of your strategy.

Tracking progress manually using Google Forms and Google Sheets is time-consuming and messy.

Use Quantifly pulse surveys and get regular feedback on whether you are heading in the right direction.

prove your impact

Show your improvements in numerical and measurable data.

Change is sometimes hard to prove.

Get quantitative data about the organization’s structure, culture and dynamics. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

Use them to negotiate a reward upon reaching the target result.

Get connected to clients who are ready to collaborate.

Get connected with clients. See their critical problems. Start doing what you do best.

Psychologists create an action plan with employees.

We noticed that there was too little communication. We wanted this to be checked externally and it turned out that it really was the main problem.

Peter Marc
CEO, Parcom

I'm a true believer that this kind of analysis helps boost a company to the next level.

Roko Malkoč
Business Unit Director, Better Meds

Quantifly gave us insight into the employees, their habits and areas that should be improved in order for us to be able to grow further.

Jan Peloza
Director, Impact Hub Ljubljana

Using Quantifly has shown us that we are on the right track in terms of employee development. It has also enabled us to address the shortcomings that we had not noticed before.

Jaka Plantan
Co-founder, Medicofit
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