From assumptions to facts: How MESI recognized and confirmed organizational challenges

Meet our client

Client: MESI

Industry: Development and production of medical devices

The MESI uses the advantages of digitalization and artificial intelligence to simplify diagnostics and help healthcare achieve its basic goals: early disease detection, correct referral and successful treatment. Their innovations are used in general surgeries, hospitals and in patient care at home. They are present in more than 50 countries, and MESI has also received numerous awards and certificates for them. With more than ten years of presence on the medical market, MESI has become a recognizable international company in the field of digital diagnostics.

Main Challenge

MESI had been planning to measure the organizational climate for a long time. Although they had already identified some of the challenges from their own conversations with employees, they wanted to obtain quantifiable data that would help to identify or confirm which challenges were most pressing and where action was needed.

"What you hear in the hallway may be a 'fairy tale'. If management doesn't have these 'rumours' backed up with evidence, with graphs, you have nothing."

Petra Frčej, HR Manager, MESI


In order to obtain objective and credible data on the problems, they decided to work with Quantifly. The Quantifly team conducted an in-depth analysis that, in addition to measuring the organizational climate, also offered information on the effectiveness of communication between departments, employees with the most influence on other employees, and employees with the greatest potential for development.

As Petra Frčej said, they were impressed by the very detailed report. She could get a lot out of it. Because the report is produced in two versions - one for management and one for employees - she can show the relevant results to anyone and keep coming back to the findings.

In addition to enabling the acquisition of objective data for planning HR activities and communication with management, it also provided an opportunity to build build a positive relationship with coworkers..

"The coworkers were grateful that we gave them the opportunity to assess the situation in the company."

Petra Frčej, HR Manager, MESI



The objective analysis carried out by Quantifly has brought many benefits to MESI:

  • Confirmation of existing problems: They obtained written confirmation that some problems are actually of an organizational nature and not an inconvenience of just a few individuals. This helped the management to be more aware of the real situation and commit to solving the problems.
  • New insights: The analysis revealed some surprising findings that management had not thought of as potential causes of dissatisfaction. In addition, they obtained information about employees with the most potential and influencers, which allowed the company to better plan the development of colleagues and communicate strategically with employees.
  • Implementation of follow-up actions: The data from the analysis provided HR with support to implement further actions, including focus groups to acquire even more nuanced feedback on the main challenges..

“We have gained full support from management."

Petra Frčej, HR Manager, MESI