How Briefd boosted trust in the vision from 77% to 88%

Meet our client

Client: BRIEFD, d.o.o.

Industry: IT and Information Science

Briefd is a young IT company that is developing an application that digitizes the business processes of used car dealers. The company's mission is to enhance the efficiency of its clients' operations and generate added value through an ecosystem that encompasses service providers, including financing, insurance, warranty, and spare parts suppliers.

Main Challenges

Despite Briefd being a small company and having a close-knit team, the team leaders wanted to understand the company’s dynamics and culture and how team members experience it, the level of autonomy they feel, and their job satisfaction.

"We decided to use experts who can hold up mirrors to see whether we are on the right track or not and to be able to make course corrections in time."

Marin Vladović, Co-founder and CEO

In the past, a significant part of the development team left. Today, amidst rapid growth, they want the team to be open, accessible, and transparent, and for every employee to have the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process. Unfortunately, due to the demanding workload, this is often overlooked.

"We wanted to make a realistic snapshot of the situation - from a distance, from the outside, objectively, without making any assumptions."

Urša Ferlic, HR Consultant


Briefd approached the analysis in a very deliberate and transparent way. Employees were involved in the process from the start, with the purpose communicated clearly. Marin Vladović, Co-founder and CEO, stresses the importance of the anonymity of the questionnaire and the processing and interpretation of the data by an external provider (Quantifly), which gives employees an extra measure of trust and allows them to answer honestly.

In the beginning, the Quantifly team explained the questionnaire completion process and analysis to all employees. Concerns about anonymity were addressed, and any questions were answered. Briefd's management reiterated the analysis's purpose and its benefits when distributing the questionnaires.

"We told the employees in advance that all steps would be transparent and that the feedback would come from Quantifly - so they were really looking forward to it."

Urša Ferlic, HR Consultant


They found that they are cohesive as a team and have a good climate, but also identified some areas for improvement, such as work organization, information flow, overworking of some individuals, and a lack of clarity about the company's vision.

"In a way, this was a positive eye-opener, as was later demonstrated when we carried out a follow-up pulse analysis. We were able to address certain challenges that had been identified in the meantime."

Marin Vladović, Co-founder and CEO

Implementation of the action plan with the help of our partner

The first step they took was a strategy workshop, which was facilitated by the help of Nina Pozderec from Switch to Eleven.

Meet our partner

Partner: SWITCH TO ELEVEN, d.o.o.

Switch to Eleven is a company dedicated to helping other companies implement new ways of working, especially to create more humane work environments and increase autonomy, motivation, and efficiency. Nina Pozderec and Jaka Kladnik are specialists in introducing agility and transforming companies from traditional, hierarchical organizations to self-managed organizations, where cross-functional, multidisciplinary teams are at the center.

Meet our partner Switch to eleven

A two-day strategy workshop was conducted to deepen the understanding of the vision and involve employees in shaping the strategic objectives. This was combined with a presentation of Quantifly analysis and a workshop aimed at connecting and building genuine team dynamics. 

"This made sense to me because they worked very professionally and actively all day, with a lot of debate on vision and strategy. But at the end of the day, we often forget the real part, which is that we are a team first. If we don't connect as a team and are not accountable to each other, then we can only have a vision on paper."

Nina Pozderec, Switch to Eleven

During an interactive workshop, the Briefd team revisited their vision, assessed their progress on the path to achieving the vision, recognized existing skills, and identified the skills they still need to achieve the goal.

The workshop concluded with a trust-building exercise. Each person reflected on the qualities they bring to the team, as well as the ones that sometimes hinder teamwork. This exercise requires feedback and the ability to accept responses from colleagues, as individuals expose their vulnerability and share their fears. The responses have been outstanding, honest, and encouraging. To top it off, each person made a personal pledge to the team.

Results after 3 months

A few months after implementing the measures, Briefd conducted a Quantifly Pulse survey designed to monitor changes in the company. The pulse survey was well-received by employees, who were very interested in the results and how they compared to the previous measurements.

The pulse survey showed a significant increase in scores, particularly in the metric of trust in the vision, which increased by 11%. It is also worth highlighting the personal perception of the team’s workload, which decreased from 75% to 27%.

The pulse survey showed a significant increase in scores.

The whole team has made great strides in just a few months. The change in the organizational structure has allowed for a clearer distribution of roles, responsibilities, and tasks, which has had a knock-on effect on the workload. Trust in the vision has been strengthened among employees and is now more closely linked to individual work objectives.

The reorganization has also given employees more autonomy to set their own objectives, and the whole team has been involved in designing a multi-layered reward system. As Co-founder and CEO Marin Vladović summed it up, "When we knew what problems to solve, we were able to move forward".

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