How did Elpro Križnič recognize differences in culture between departments

Meet our client

Client: ELPRO KRIŽNIČ d.o.o.

Industry: Integrated solutions in power and metal transformation

Elpro Križnič is a small family business that has grown into a successful business story over the past 30 years of operation. They strive to provide their customers with full support in the development and implementation of integrated and innovative solutions in the electrical and metal sector. In their work, they include a sustainable aspect, as they are aware that everyone can contribute to a responsible business.

Main Challenges

In Elpro Križnič they wanted to get an objective insight into the new dynamics and structure that had been created in the company.

  • About six months before deciding to conduct the Quantifly analysis, they relocated from several different locations to a new shared one. At the same time, they hired a larger number of new employees.
  • They wanted to know what kind of dynamics had been created at the new location with the new employees. 
  • They wanted to provide each employee with feedback regarding their work and their competencies.

We decided that this would be one of the things that would give us some insight into the functioning of the organization, and also that every individual who participates in this analysis will receive feedback on their competencies.

Rebeka Tramšek, Head of HR, Elpro Križnič


In addition to gaining insight into the structure and dynamics of the company, they also wanted to gain insight into potential differences between departments that had previously worked at different locations.

The first step of the Quantifly analysis involved presenting the analysis to all employees to address concerns about the process and ensure honest answers during data collection.

In Elpro Križnič, they allocated a specific time slot for completing the questionnaires, which allowed all employees to participate and ensured a high level of responsiveness. The collected data was analyzed to prepare a comprehensive report that included suggestions for improvement and provided individual reports for every employee.

The experience with the execution process was very good from the presentation onwards. Throughout the process, we had support from the Quantifly team, who followed through on all the agreements we made. They also presented the results very well.

Rebeka Tramšek, Head of HR, Elpro Križnič

As Rebeka Tramšek said, an important part of our solution for them was the display of relationships between individuals. This allowed them, among other things, to identify who are the most overworked individuals, who are the key collaborators, and who are those with a high social score or who communicate with the most colleagues. They also identified differences between individual departments that worked in different locations, especially in terms of values and motivational factors.


With the help of Quantifly analysis, in Elpro Križnič, they were able to address areas where they identified opportunities for improvement. 

  • They began to communicate differently, adapting their approach based on the culture of each department.
  • They conducted training for managers, taking the analysis results into account during planning. 
  • They planned activities for the following year, both in terms of employee development and training plans.

Repeating the analysis after a certain time definitely makes sense to see if we have successfully addressed the issues.

Rebeka Tramšek, Head of HR, Elpro Križnič

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I would recommend Quantifly to all companies that want to work on employee development, as it is a very good starting point for defining further actions.

Rebeka Tramšek, Head of HR, Elpro Križnič