How does Quantifly analysis look step-by-step?

Everything begins right after you - the company - confirm you want to collaborate with us. Our sales team connects you with our analytics team and together we go through the onboarding process. This process includes a meeting with the analyst who will be in charge of the whole process from the beginning to the end. 

In the meeting, we discuss your expectations and wishes and we also go through a few questions regarding your company, for example: what communication channels you use, how often you have meetings, which practices you implemented so far in the areas of culture, work organization, communication, etc.  We call this the meta-questionnaire, which provides us with useful information even before we begin the process of the analysis and also provides context while we write the report. 

Before or after the meeting, the company should provide the list of all the employees who will be included in the analysis, so we can generate the questionnaires.

The last thing we discuss in the meeting is the date of the presentation for employees which is usually also the official start of the data capture i.e. the week when the employees fill out the questionnaires.

The presentation for the employees is a brief, 20-minute presentation, where we talk about who we are, the purpose of our analysis, and most importantly, how we ensure anonymity during the whole process. Afterward, we address any questions the employees might have. 

After the presentation, we send the link with the questionnaires to management to distribute throughout the company. This starts the data capture process, which usually takes about a week. In case of vacations or busy seasons in companies, we extend the data capture for a few days, so most of the employees manage to complete the questionnaires.

When data capture is finished, the analysis process starts. The analyst in charge of the process is provided with all of the results of the analysis, they look over them and start interpreting the results. We also generate the graphics, e.g. the hierarchical structure, instruction flows, and team structures, which we also include in the report. 

When we finish writing the key findings, we add recommendations for improving some crucial areas in the company. In this phase, we include a consultant/coach, who looks through the report and adds their advice. The recommendations are thus a combination of our results, the context from the meta-questionnaire, and the experience of the consultant/coach.

After the report is finished, the lead analyst is responsible for the de-anonymization of the report and sending it to the client.

The next step is the presentation of the results to the management. This is usually done by the lead analyst and the coach/consultant. The presentation takes about two hours and we have an in-depth look at the specific metrics, areas that need improvement, or blind spots in the company. Quantifly is here to provide objective data, the company provides additional context and the coach provides potential solutions and action plans to solve one or two problem areas. 

After the meeting with the management, we also present the results to all the employees that participated in the analysis. We also present them with the solutions from the management meeting and talk about taking the necessary steps to enhance the areas that need improvement. This meeting is usually an hour long.

The process is not necessarily identical for all clients. Depending on the size of the company, expectations of management, and the results, there might be more meetings, syncs, and coordination meetings, e.g. meeting with the middle management, presentation to specific departments, etc. 

After the presentations, there are many potential continuations of the Quantifly analysis. In the case of a 360 analysis, employees go to individual consultations with our experienced partners to discuss the results of the 360 and come up with individual action plans for personal and professional development.

If the company wishes to pursue the action plan, they continue working with our coach/consultant. We have a wide network of partners, so depending on your needs and analysis results, we connect you with a coach that we see most fit to address your problem spots. Through various workshops, training, 1 on 1 work, or teambuilding, you work together to improve the company as a whole. 

Even though Quantifly is not an active participant in those steps, we check in regularly with you and our partners to ensure everything is going well. We also track your progress with the Pulse analysis. Pulse measures one specific metric and it is in the form of a few questions (maximally 4). With pulse, we can quickly learn if a problematic metric has improved.