How Gamanza Services optimized work processes and started rebuilding their culture

Meet our client

Client: Gamanza Services

Industry: IT - Gambling Facilities and Casinos

Gamanza is a technology company that specializes in developing bespoke iGaming platforms and gamification systems for its clients. It provides new levels of entertainment while ensuring high levels of security and compliance. Gamanza Group AG is a part of Stadtcasino Baden, one of the largest casino, leisure and enterteiment group in Switzerland.

Main Challenges

Gamanza had trouble understanding what was going on within its teams and who they were as a company.

  • They had gone through many changes in the past two years and needed to optimize work processes and rebuild the culture.
  • The survey they did internally was not enough to give them a good understanding of the problems they were facing.

"We conducted an internal survey, but it wasn't as thorough as Quantifly. We didn't gain enough in-depth knowledge of what was actually happening within the company. However, we have been able to gain this insight with Quantifly."

- Andrea Pulević, HR manager, Gamanza Services


In Gamanza, they selected Quantifly to assist them in achieving their goal of understanding the current state of the organization. The Quantifly analysis process included a presentation of the analysis to all employees to ensure honest answers during data collection. Based on the collected data, an in-depth report was prepared with specific suggestions for improvement.

“The Quantifly team was very helpful. I really liked their interest in our organization and how we work. They really wanted to know how things are and understand us as the organization.”

- Andrea Pulević, HR manager, Gamanza Services


With the help of Quantifly, Gamanza was able to address areas that needed improvement, resulting in increased job satisfaction for employees.

  • The analysis provided insight into who the MVPs (most valuable players) were within the organization, enabling the company to optimize its teams
  • This analysis of MVPs led to organizational restructuring, with some MVPs now in leadership positions.
  • The recommendations provided by Quantifly were implemented, and some are in the process of being implemented.

“The processes are changing; the companies are growing. In this era of fast changes, Quantilfy is the tool you need.”

- Andrea Pulević, HR manager, Gamanza Services

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“Quantifly offered us a survey that didn't take much time but gave us an in-depth understanding of the problems we were facing.”

- Andrea Pulević, HR manager, Gamanza Services