How Parcom improved communication between the sales and technical department

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Client: Parcom

Industry: IT and Information Science

Parcom d.o.o. is one of the leading companies in the region specializing in the provision of IT services, supply and servicing of computer equipment. Parcom provides its customers with comprehensive IT support: consulting, sales, installation, service and maintenance of equipment.

Main Challenges

Parcom noticed communication gaps between employees during the pandemic. They also faced a lack of feedback in the work execution process. Instructions from the manager or employees were given up front, but no feedback on execution was received later, which hampered business operations.


  • Identify barriers to communication.
  • Develop a plan to remove communication barriers.
  • Gain insight into the actual climate within the company.

"It's important that our employees see that we invest in them. This gives them a feeling that their opinion has been put to good use for the company."

- Peter Marc, CEO, Parcom


  • Limitations of past analyses

Parcom had carried out analyses at the individual level (employee personality profiles) in the past, but the results of these analyses did not provide insights into opportunities for improvement at the organizational level. Thus, with the Quantifly analysis, they wanted to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement, not only at the individual level, but also at the company level.


1. Presentation of the analysis

First, we gave a presentation to all staff explaining the purpose and process of the Quantifly analysis. We gave detailed instructions on how to complete the questionnaires and clarified concerns about anonymity and data protection.  

2. Data collection

Employees were given sufficient time to complete the questionnaires. The full support of the director, who encouraged employees to take a sincere and committed approach to completing the questionnaires, contributed significantly to the success of the data collection. This is important for the validity and usefulness of the results.

3. Data analysis and interpretation

Our data analysts processed and interpreted the data and prepared an in-depth report with concrete advice for improvement. The report also provided a visual representation of the networks of co-workers and teams.

4. Presentation of the report to management

The in-depth report was presented to the management. They were given insight into the current situation in the company. The results enabled the preparation of an action plan and the subsequent implementation of the necessary changes.  

"What surprised me was that some of the employees who I thought were not overworked were also identified as overworked by their co-workers."

- Peter Marc, CEO, Parcom

5. Presentation of the report to employees

The report, the results and the key challenges, was also presented to staff, giving them the opportunity to comment, share their thoughts on the causes and make suggestions for improvement.

6. Individual discussions

Employees took part in one-on-one discussions with our internal consultants. They were given an explanation of their individual results and support in preparing a professional development action plan.

"This is an opportunity for employees to evaluate themselves, see how they have been evaluated by their colleagues and to find out how we all function together as a team."

- Peter Marc, CEO, Parcom


The company received an in-depth analysis that identified opportunities for improvement and provided concrete suggestions for further development.

  • They gained insights on how to improve communication between the sales team and the technical sector.
  • They have identified the necessity of spending more time giving feedback and reflecting on the performance of the team and the individuals.
  • They recognised the need to relieve certain staff members by appropriately delegating responsibilities to different members of the team.
  • They received suggestions for further development in the area of digitalisation and automation of work processes.

"We will do a re-analysis in six months time to review in the short term whether we have achieved our objectives and whether we are performing better."

- Peter Marc, CEO, Parcom

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