Use the power of the quantifly analysis to empower your HR department

We have all been there. A compelling presentation from a company that promises to engage your team and increase their productivity and motivation. You agree, fill out all the forms, get all your employees involved and form focus groups. In the end, the company submits a 100-page long report that ends up in your bottom drawer without you ever giving it a second thought.

Before we launched quantifly, this was exactly our experience at every company we worked for. By the fourth analysis, we found it hard to care because we felt unheard. We can assure you that most of your employees feel the same way. Instead of wasting your time and money on a report you will never use again, let us explain why you should give a fair shot to quantifly, a diagnostic tool for analysing teams and their dynamics.

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Achieve better results without guessing

We believe that a company is like a sports team. Managers are coaches of the team and the team consists of several players, each with their own unique role. And just like the team has to fill each role with the best possible player, the team of employees must fill each job position with the right team role. But do you know what role does each employee play in your company?

To avoid guessing and hiring based on your "gut feeling," opt for a quantifly analysis. By analysing each employee's competencies and the role they play in the team, we can empower the HR department to make smarter, more effective decisions and facilitate the hiring process.

By understanding the competencies and dispositions of each employee, your HR department can better manage, motivate, and structure the team.

"We already use personality tests to create teams and hire new people"

We understand that most HR departments already use some kind of personality test or analysis to find the best fit for open positions. But there are many drawbacks to using such tests to determine the best new hire. Unlike personality tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the DISC Assessment or the Enneagram, quantifly uses only anonymous and therefore completely objective data to give you the best and most accurate results.

Become empowered with the results of our analysis

The results of the quantifly analysis can help you in multiple ways by transforming the subjective data from your employees into reliable and objective data. With the results of the quantifly analysis, your HR department will be able to effectively create a more stimulating and productive environment in several areas:

   1. The health index of a company

Based on these results, your HR department can focus on improving the morale of the company by organizing events, team-buildings or other social activities that promote social cohesion and confidential relations among employees. By identifying the team's MVPs ("most valuable player"), we can better engage these employees in daily company activities or make them ambassadors of the company. The results also shed light on employees' general knowledge of the company and their attachment to its values. Where there is no harmony, HR must intervene and ensure their synchronicity.

   2. Distribution of team roles

We have written extensively in the previous blog about team roles and their importance in creating a motivated and effective team. With the quantifly analysis, your HR department can now gain an insight into which roles are best represented in your organisation. It also highlights issues such as underrepresentation of certain key roles or inconsistency between the characteristics of the roles and the vision of the company.

Based on the distribution of roles in the company, the HR department can hire new employees to fill the missing team roles or focus on developing these roles among existing employees. This knowledge can also help to improve the skills of certain individuals who may play more than one role at the time and is an opportunity to invest in their professional development.

   3. An overview of the company’s competencies and the chain of responsibility

With these results, the HR department can develop a clearer and better corporate strategy and long-term vision, increase the transparency of communication, and strive for better information or knowledge transfer between departments. All of the dimensions are assessed based on employee evaluations and can help the HR department to adjust the overall image of the company.

   4. Overview over the competencies of each employee

The quantifly analysis provides HR departments with a rare opportunity to identify each employee's strengths and weaknesses. Their skills are assessed and later presented to the employee themself in an individual meeting, which is carried out by our professional analysts. The meeting also includes consulting about areas for improvement and a concrete plan to achieve the set goals. Individual report is also the basis for a personal interview, which the HR department should conduct after our analysis in order to better outline the path to take in the future.

Our final results cover much more than described in this blog. We really want to empower your team to perform better and provide you with as much information and ideas as possible. Only by having a holistic view of the company and its people can we create a motivated environment where every employee strives for proactive personal and professional growth.

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