Will it take time and money, but bring no value?

A big project is steadily knocking on the door. Schedules are busy, employees are (over)burdened, the entire organization is struggling to keep up with order requirements. And for a while things flow. Until it doesn't go any further. Overload, low efficiency, stress...

Sound familiar?


As an HR professional, you try to approach these issues, but without the right tools and support, you feel like you're just "putting out fires" all the time. You also probably don't want to spend time and resources on an analysis that doesn't live up to its potential.

So how can you be sure that organizational diagnostic tools are not just something that will take up a lot of your time (which is never enough) and resources, while not adding any value?


  • Why does it make sense to invest time and resources in analysis now?
  • Why is investing in organizational diagnostics services a good strategic decision?
  • How can an action-oriented approach to organizational diagnostics lead to meaningful change in your organization?

Why does it make sense to invest time and resources in analysis now?

You're dealing with reduced team effectiveness and increased stress from being overwhelmed with work, in the middle of a peak season or another big project.

You probably get chills at the thought of another project. But it doesn't have to be like that.

Reduced efficiency, overworked employees, stressful environment... All of this can lead to missed deadlines, low morale and poorer quality of work. Furthermore, without the time and resources for more strategic analysis, organizations will not be able to implement effective solutions and will therefore continue to perpetuate inefficiencies that are difficult to eliminate. This not only harms the organization, but also puts an additional burden on the employees. As dr. Eva Boštjančič, after all, business is about people. "And if we have satisfied managers in the organization who lead engaged employees, then success is (almost) guaranteed."

Organizations that use organizational diagnostics to help solve challenges (e.g., reduced efficiency and increased employee stress) can gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of inefficiencies by measuring key HR metrics and analyzing the organizational network and get practical, actionable solutions. With the support of experts, however, they can implement these changes quickly and efficiently.

"In advance, we wanted to solve certain challenges that we knew we were likely to face in the future. We tried to identify potential blind spots and prevent problems."

Roko Malkoč, Business Unit Director, Better Meds

Why is investing in organizational diagnostics a good strategic decision?

As with any solution, there are some challenges. For example, some employees may be resistant to change, which creates potential obstacles in the process. Also, the lack of cooperation from the management can be one of the obstacles that can affect both the entire process and the effectiveness of the solution. Of course, we must not forget the time and resources spent on analysis.

These challenges can of course be addressed with the right support and planning.


What does it look like with us?

Our team guides you through the entire process, i.e. from the first contact, the preparation of the offer, to the presentation before the capture, the data collection itself, the analysis and the final presentation of the results. We often get feedback from clients we have already worked with that our active involvement in the process is a big plus.

For example, Roko Malkoč, Business Unit Director at Better Meds (Better), pointed out that the Quantifly team did an excellent job of explaining the concepts, theory and science behind the questionnaires. At the same time, he also praised the fact that our team assumed all responsibility, which meant that they did not have many additional tasks in the process of performing the analysis. According to Rebeka Tramšek, Head of HR at Elpro Križnič, the whole experience was very good. “We had very good support from the entire Quantifly team. Everything we agreed was carried out as agreed. Everyone was cooperative and approached in a good way. Our questions were also answered quickly." The entire analysis is also perceived positively by the employees, as Andrea Pulević, HR Manager at Gamanza Services, said, their employees perceived Quantifly positively. "They were happy because we were finally addressing the problems we had."

In addition, the benefits of increased efficiency and reduced stress often outweigh the potential challenges, making the investment (both time and money) in organizational diagnostic services a good strategic decision for the organization.

"The Quantifly team was very helpful. I really liked their interest in our organization and way of working. They really wanted to know how things were going and understand us as an organization.”

Andrea Pulević, HR Manager, Gamanza Services

How can an action-oriented approach lead to meaningful change in your organization?

Merely measuring key culture and climate metrics and analyzing the organizational network without taking action is unlikely to result in meaningful change and eliminate the root causes of inefficient operations and resulting increased employee stress.

Of course, it shouldn't just be about collecting data. A comprehensive and action-oriented approach supported by professional knowledge is necessary in order for positive changes to occur in the organization, with which organizations would achieve better business results.

So, how to avoid the problem of an organization that is faced with the challenge of inefficiency, increased stress, lower work results and low morale, has decided to use an organizational diagnostic tool, but no changes occur?

At Quantifly, we address this with a comprehensive, action-oriented approach to organizational diagnostics that goes beyond simply measuring various metrics and running analyses.

For example, according to Rebeka Tramšek, Head of HR at Elpro Križnič, with the help of Quantifly analysis, they defined organizational measures and set concrete activities for the future. Also, on the basis of information about the overload of individuals, organizational changes were introduced to relieve them, and others, based on the identified potential, were additionally engaged and more actively involved in projects. At Impact Hub Ljubljana, with the help of the obtained information, they began to establish more effective teamwork, reduced workloads and thereby reduced the likelihood of employee burnout.

At Gamanza Services, with the help of Quantifly, they were able to start addressing the areas that needed to be improved, which led to greater employee satisfaction. The analysis gave them insight into who the key personnel in the organization were, which led to organizational restructuring, as some of the identified key personnel now occupy leadership positions. Andrea Pulević, HR Manager at Gamanza Services, said that the Quantifly team's recommendations were concrete enough and they knew how to implement them or put them into practice. "I liked the recommendations on how to tackle problems and how to put it into practice the most. Some recommendations are now in the process of being implemented." Similarly, based on the analysis, changes were also started in the company Medicofit: "Based on the results, we upgraded communication in the company, reorganized two workplaces and introduced a system for monitoring employee satisfaction."

In the process of cooperation with customers, we also actively involve specialists from various HR fields, who help you identify areas for change, set up a detailed customized action plan and support you in the implementation of measures.

With Quantifly's support, organizations can confidently drive positive change, improve productivity, boost employee morale, improve the work environment and ultimately achieve better business results. The process of organizational diagnostics becomes a catalyst for success, as it enables organizations to solve challenges and achieve goals, without fear of resistance or obstacles. By involving experts in the process of transferring data into practice, you will be able to ensure that it will not only remain with the data, but that the changes will be implemented effectively and permanently and will have a beneficial impact on your organization.

"Project management now takes place at a satisfactory level. There is general satisfaction in the company, as the projects are progressing smoothly - without overtime and without a lot of stress."

Janez Zadravec, CEO, Deutz Engineering


We understand that both you and your team are busy, you have a lot of work, you are under stress, just before or maybe already during a big project, but at the same time we believe that taking a step back, evaluating the effectiveness and reviewing the processes within your organization can actually help you more effectively achieve your goals and execute the project more optimally, with less stress, fewer errors and more efficiency. With organizational diagnostics, you gain valuable insight into patterns and processes within teams that may be hindering productivity, extending deadlines, reducing success, etc.

By identifying and addressing these issues in a timely manner, you can ultimately achieve project goals faster and more efficiently. In addition, our services include not only analysis, but also suggestions for changes and implementation support, so you don't have to worry about having to find solutions completely on your own.

Sometimes it is only necessary to take a step back, to analyze the situation, with the help of which we can identify potential problem areas and thus answer the question, addressing which problem is the most crucial or will address (all) the others as well.