How Porsche Finance Group Slovenia approached strategic HR

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Client: Porsche Finance Group Slovenia

Industry: Finance, Insurance

Porsche Finance Group Slovenia has a long tradition of providing vehicle-related services, from financing and insurance to servicing and maintenance. It offers a full range of vehicle-related services for Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, Seat, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Porsche and Weltauto. 

Main Challenge

Porsche Finance Group Slovenia wanted to approach strategic HR with a systematic and data-driven approach, which is why they decided to work with Quantifly. At the same time, they wanted to provide employees with the opportunity to anonymously express their honest opinions on work processes, employee satisfaction, and other aspects of the company. 

"We wanted to involve our people, we wanted to give employees the opportunity to voice their issues because few people speak up independently, especially if the topic is negative and many will stay silent until the glass is full and then it's too late." 

Maja Kološa, Head of HR, Porsche Finance Group Slovenia 

Every year until now, an internal analysis has been carried out at the Group level, which has provided an overall picture of the climate and satisfaction in the company, but they missed the diagnostic aspect, that would provide insight into specific problems and provide a basis for strategic planning. They recognized the Quantifly tool for organizational diagnostics as a technically well-developed solution that also substantively addresses all the areas they wanted to examine.

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"We wanted more than just standard, general climate measures; we didn't want to do things just because it's a trend now in HR or because everyone is doing it,  and this can drive HR costs very high and have very little effect. I don't think many products like Quantifly exist in the Slovene market." 

Maja Kološa, Head of HR, Porsche Finance Group Slovenia 


Active involvement and motivation of employees is the key to the successful implementation of organizational diagnostics 

During the implementation process of the Quantifly analysis, their main concern was the collaboration of employees and their willingness to express their honest opinions about the situation in the company. Therefore, a clear communication strategy was essential, enabling employees to be adequately informed about the diagnostic process and to trust in the assurance of anonymity. Transparency was crucial in this regard.

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"Together with Quantify, we presented the project to our employees and motivated them to make the participation rate as high as possible. I think we achieved this, with a participation rate of over 85%." 

Maja Kološa, HR Manager, Porsche Finance Group Slovenia 

Organizational diagnostics as a strategic orientation

Quantifly's organizational diagnostic helped them to set the direction for planning further activities in the areas identified by the employees. 

The Quantifly analysis provided insights into collaboration within and outside departments, enabling them to identify key employees, employees with potential for growth and further development, and key motivational factors. Through this information, the company is better able to identify the real needs of employees in the workplace and proactively address the most common frustrations and problems that employees face in the workplace.



Challenges have been identified in the areas of workload and distribution of work activities, digitalization of work processes, and strengthening collaboration among different departments.

“The results of the Quantifly analysis allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of pain points and prioritize further activities. We have gathered much crucial information."

Maja Kološa, Head of HR, Porsche Finance Group Slovenia 

Action steps

Based on the results of the analysis, the Porsche Finance Group recruited new employees in the departments identified as overworked in Quantifly analysis. 

Employees have identified the most opportunities for improving the efficiency of the work process in digitalization. Therefore, the company has decided to increase the number of working hours with an external IT provider responsible for technical support in the digitalization process.

To encourage collaboration between departments, they have established internal knowledge exchanges and are also introducing a system of cross-departmental employee rotation. This will positively impact mutual connections and understanding of work in other departments. Additionally, it will enable internal rotations between departments during specific periods of the year when certain departments are more heavily loaded.

Porsche Finance Group Slovenia is already considering a pulse measurement to verify the successful implementation of the measures planned on the basis of the results of the Quantifly analysis. 

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"I would recommend the Quantifly analysis to anyone who wants to base their HR activities on data. The analysis requires transparent communication and management's willingness to take and implement actions that lead to workplace improvement." 

Maja Kološa, Head of HR, Porsche Finance Group Slovenia

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